AMB VMC tailored for tools and moulds provides very good surface quality

Editor: Eric Culp

The unit is said to reduce the need for manual reworking, which cuts costs, delivery times and the risk of human error.

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Makino's VMC has been designed with mould makers in mind, the supplier said.
Makino's VMC has been designed with mould makers in mind, the supplier said.
(Source: Makino)

Makino's F8/F9 vertical machining centre works difficult-to-cut materials with precision and delivers very good surface finish qualities, the company said.

The unit can make forging dies, injection moulds and stamping tools along with mould frames and base plates, the company said. The 10,000 rpm spindle has the power and rigidity required for highly hardened and tempered steel. Drills up to 80 mm and cutter heads up to 125 mm in diameter can be set up easily and offer the excellent interplay of spindle, roller linear guides and high mechanical rigidity at high feed rates. The 20,000 rpm spindle covers applications including light high-speed roughing to chamfering with small-diameter tools, making the unit ideal for large-size plastic injection moulds, the company said. Patented core-cooling technology enables the 20,000 rpm spindle to maintain high precision in the Z-axis during long machining periods and also prolongs spindle life.

Following tool changes, the F8/F9 returns to the previously milled surface, eliminating the need to finish the entire surface with a small tool, which is often common practice, the company said. Spindles are said to run smoothly with minimal vibration, providing optimal surface finish quality and less tool wear.

The VMC has travels of (X, Y, Z axes) 1,300/1,600 x 800 x 650 mm. The table working area covers 1,550/1,850 x 800 mm, and the maximum workpiece weight is quoted at 2,500 kg.

Makino said drive agility and path optimisation from its SGI.4 motion control software speed up machining of 3D-contoured shapes.

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