Mitsubishi Materials Versatile milling cutters machine cast iron, hardened steels and superalloys efficiently

Editor: Eric Culp

With its versatile AHX640-S cutters for steel and cast-iron milling, Mitsubishi Materials introduces tools that employ multi-corner, double-side negative inserts with a large rake angle. The company has taken advantage of new manufacturing methods and material technology to combine the sharpness of conventional positive-geometry inserts with the strength and versatility of negative inserts so that both sides can be used as a cutting edge. Power requirements for these AHX-S-series milling cutters are the same as those for traditional positive-geometry cutters.

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The overall positive geometry of these tools results in low cutting resistance and thus good productivity on smaller, lower-power machine tools. The AHX-S series expands on the AHX-W series that Mitsubishi designed specifically for cast-iron applications in that it can also be used to machine materials ranging from alloy and hardened steels to superalloys.

AHX640-S cutter bodies are available in diameters of 63 to 200 mm in standard- and fine-pitch versions. They are equipped with through coolant holes to aid chip removal and lengthen tool life. Also, the geometry of the 360° contact area on the pocket face provides secure clamping and an anti-fly mechanism.

The heptagonal, 14-corner inserts are secured with a central clamping screw so the resulting large pocket can cope with long steel chips. VP15TF Miracle–based PVD-coated inserts with the MP chip breaker offer the performance and reliability necessary for machining alloy steels, hardened steels and some superalloys. Higher cast-iron-machining performance can be realised when the MC5020 CVD-coated insert grade with MK or HK chip breakers is used.

Mitsubishi Materials

Meerbusch, Germany