CAD/CAM Vero hosts its largest-ever reseller conference

Editor: Eric Culp

In Lisbon, Portugal, 171 delegates recently gathered for the largest global reseller conference Vero Software has ever hosted. The event’s size was attributed to last year’s merger of the Vero and Planit software groups creating the world’s third-largest CAD/CAM vendor.

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The resellers in Lisbon saw the latest Vero Group product developments, discussed future product directions, and gained an insight into the future business plans of the combined company.

Said Richard Smith, Vero chief executive: “Our objective is to create the most successful reseller team across the world. We now have a number of key products that service different manufacturing sectors but share common business drivers. Bringing our resellers together provides a platform to network, share successes and better understand the product positioning for each brand.”

Resellers from around the world, including such distant markets as Australia, Japan and South Africa, came to attend presentations delivered by Vero Group teams representing the Edgecam, VISI, Alphacam, Cabinet Vision and Radan brands. The visitors learned about features of all of the current releases and received sneak previews of enhancements and products either now in development or being readied for imminent launch.

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For example, the VISI reseller network for the mould making industry got an in-depth look at VISI 20, the CAD/CAM system due for release in September. This version includes new CAD tools for project collaboration and kinematic simulation and a number of CAM developments, such as advanced roughing and rest-machining algorithms, that Vero says are groundbreaking.

Highlights at the Edgecam brand conference were a review of the current CAM release (2012 R2) and a preview of future developments, such as the addition of wire EDM technology and a new work-flow manager.

“The size of the event truly underlines our position as the number one CAM-centric company,” concluded Simon Lee, Vero’s business development director.

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