Horizon 2020 VDMA calls for EU funding specific to manufacturing research

Author / Editor: Eric Culp / Jürgen Schreier

Brussels should adjust its Horizon 2020 subsidy programme to include direct support for advanced manufacturing and processing, Germany’s engineering federation, the VDMA, said. “Because of its importance for competitiveness and its essential enabling role in bringing technological solutions to the market, manufacturing should be identified as a separate research area and have a dedicated budget line.”

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In a position paper, the VDMA said, “For a competitive and sustainable European industry, research is necessary for both existing technologies and new enabling technologies.” Mechanical engineering directly employs around 900,000 people in Germany and around 3 million in Europe, the VDMA said. “It is the backbone of European industry.”

The federation pointed out that production technology plays a unique role in the innovation process and drives new manufacturing techniques and products. All new technologies need to be translated or integrated into products which need to be produced with innovative and competitive production technologies. Only through production technology and equipment can new technologies be applied, deployed and meet societal challenges. “In Horizon 2020, this essential innovating role of manufacturing is not sufficiently addressed,” it said.

HORIZON 2020 aims at bringing together all EU research and innovation funding within one common framework. This approach is considered to be a significant step forward and has the potential to strengthen the attractiveness for participants and the efficiency of the programme.

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