Incoe International Europe Valve gate nozzle tip design helps moulders complete colour changes quickly

Editor: Eric Culp

Hot runner system supplier Incoe offers the VIX valve gate hot runner nozzle, which has a tip featuring an end cap specifically designed for delivering enhanced colour change performance. The tip geometry has been optimised to ensure the efficient material flow necessary for fast colour changes.

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Already, says the manufacturer, this tip design has provided excellent colour change results in many applications: changes have required less time to complete, and part quality is reportedly improved.

The VIX is suitable for use in both pneumatic and hydraulic systems employing a tapered valve pin, and is compatible with Incoe’s unitised and leakproof valve gate hot runner systems.

Like the recently introduced SoftGate valve-pin speed control, this nozzle innovation demonstrates the manufacturer’s commitment to providing plastics-processing customers with continual engineering advances in process control. Incoe supplies a range of nozzles and manifolds, prewired and leakproof unitised systems, complete hot halves and advanced control technologies for hot runner moulding applications.

Incoe International Europe

Rödermark, Germany

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