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Editor: Briggette Jaya

Measuring sytems – The rotary table fast exchange system (DSW) developed for use in Topometric's robotic measuring cells or Atos Scan-Boxes allows for faster exchange and the ergonomic exchange of fixtures and components, the company says.

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Topometric's measuring cell with the rotary table fast exchange system (DSW).
Topometric's measuring cell with the rotary table fast exchange system (DSW).
(Source: Topometric)

DSW consists of a rotary table socket module, a base plate for holding the fixture, and one or more mounting trolleys that can also be used as a mobile loading station and positioning system. The fixture can slide directly from the loading trolley onto the socket module. While measurements are being carried out, the loading trolley can already be prepared with a another component. Moreover, the lift and pivot unit (HSE) enable components to be ergonomically mounted at a lower position with the help of a universal, easily exchangeable quick-release frame, raised to the measuring position by the lift function to be measured at this position. With an additional controllable axis, the components can be pivoted so that the front and back sides can be automatically measured in the installed position without being reloaded on the fixture. Virtually every automated project measuring cell and Atos Scan-Box can be retrofitted with the HSE, Topometirc notes.

It adds that its rotate-lift unit (DHE), a newly developed unit, facilitates optical measuring of vertically-clamped, large-scale components in the installed position. The grid base plate can be raised or lowered fully automatically and allows ergonomic mounting and optimum positioning of components. The integrated robot axis can be rotated a full 270°, thus components can be rotated into the ideal position for the measuring process. This allows the robotic measuring cell to take up considerably less space, the company explained.

The trio will be showcased in hall 7, booth 7130.

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