Pre-owned equipment Used wire-cutting, die-sinking units available to buy

Editor: Eric Culp

The German sales and marketing company Mac-Tec said it has begun to specialise in pre-owned EDM machines and equipment from Sodick, and it can deliver the units internationally.

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EDM units are only one type of machine on offer.
EDM units are only one type of machine on offer.
(Source: Mac-Tec)

The company also sells CNC milling machines and has been in business for nearly 15 years. It said it is experienced in the exportation of machines and is supported in its business by well-known global distribution partners. The reseller noted that it provides a wide selection of used equipment for the metalworking industry.

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On offer are wire-cutting electrical discharge machining (EDM) equipment, die-sinking EDM machines and start-hole-drilling machines, as well as computer numerically controlled (CNC) machining centres, milling machines and high-speed-cutting (HSC) machines.