FFG Europe Upgraded high-speed milling machine shows prowess for mould making

Editor: Eric Culp

The centre is this model’s third incarnation.

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A number of spindles are available for the centre.
A number of spindles are available for the centre.
(Source: FFG Europe)

FFG Europe’s Rambaudi brand, the group’s designated “producer of excellence” of machines for mould milling and general engineering, has announced the launch of a regenerated and upgraded high speed milling centre, designated RC270.

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The unit represents Rambaudi’s third generation of high-speed machines with a moving cross rail, and is said to continue the unbroken line of machinery that has been manufactured since the early 1990s, a time cited as the beginning of development of high-speed milling technology.

The RC line’s earlier models were designed to satisfy the dimensional requirements of the most common moulds for plastic parts used in the automotive industry. The later models, featuring enlarged axis strokes and 5-axis dynamics, are used both in the aerospace industry as well as for die and mould manufacturing.

According to the supplier, the expanded RC line now offers additional capabilities for linear axes and also features Glob 123 G, a new continuous bi-rotary head that comes equipped with a high-capacity spindle, which is claimed to offer greater versatility.

The company noted that one machine presented to the public featured a Glob 89G head, a component that is particularly suitable for high-speed semi- and complete finishing of tooling for both plastics processing and metal sheet parts. The machine comes equipped with a 42-position tool magazine, but other capacities are available, the manufacturer added.

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