K 2013 Universal single-needle valves available in additional size

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Hasco has added to the universal single needle valves of the Z107105 range with yet another size.

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Used with the right nozzles, the valves can help avoid weld lines.
Used with the right nozzles, the valves can help avoid weld lines.
(Source: Hasco)

The supplier also noted that its new needle drive unit can be used with numerous nozzles of the Techni-Shot and Value-Shot ranges. It explained that through the locked, twist-proof needle, even complex gating geometries are possible, and the drive unit can be used either as a single nozzle centrally mounted in the middle of the mould or mounted offset between the manifold and nozzle.

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This optimisation obtained in pre-production and prototype moulds with a specific type of nozzle configuration can be transferred without risk into a multi-cavity production mould. The hot runner components can also be carried over, reducing the cost of gaining vital development knowledge before committing to the production mould, the company explained. Hasco added that the low build height of this size needle valves allows applications such as back-to-back solutions in multi-daylight and tandem moulds.

The optimum L/D ratio through the short needle length extends the service life of the needle and gate aperture, according to the supplier. With the Z107105, the drive is activated via compact hydraulic cylinders connected with a tie-bar through the unit. The valve pin stroke can, depending on the drive solution, be varied from 2-17mm. Thus the units can be geared to suit the application and the respective nozzle type, Hasco added.

Moreover, from a rheological point of view, there is no splitting of the melt, meaning weld lines that are especially unsightly on flat visible surfaces can, in combination with a suitable nozzle type, be avoided.

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