Hasco Two-stage ejectors with DLC-coated functional surfaces help optimise demoulding

Editor: Eric Culp

Hasco Hasenclever GmbH + Co. KG offers injection-mould makers an extensive range of two-stage ejectors for reliable motion control and demoulding. All of the ejectors are available with DLC-coated functional surfaces. The Z169 two-stage ejector is the classic solution for activating a stripper plate. Precise, automatic holding and opening mechanisms allow independent movement between two plates. Accurate movements ensure consistent part quality.

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The Z1691 series is an extension of the Z169 that features improved locking. An integrated flange attachment makes assembly simple, and specially designed centring rings allow very smooth axial motion to help extend service life. Ejectors in this series come in shaft diameters of 13 to 52 mm.

Other ejectors in Hasco’s two-stage family include the Z1692, developed for demoulding processes in which the first and second stroke must function fully independently, and the Z1695, suitable for controlled plate movement during demoulding with an inclined sliding carriage. The Z1697 series, designed for applications in which a central ejector cannot be used, delivers strong forces when two or four units are combined. Its motion corresponds to that of the Z169 and Z1691. Finally, the Z1698 has been specially developed for off-centre mounting with double ejectors in the mould. It serves where the mould structure rules out a central two-stage ejector or where large melts that cannot be managed by a Z1695 ejector have to be moved.

The lubricant-free functional surfaces of these ejectors allow longer maintenance intervals and make the devices suitable for medical and food technology applications. Also, the high layer hardness and low friction values of the coated two-stage ejectors contribute to mould longevity.

Hasco Hasenclever GmbH + Co. KG

Lüdenscheid, Germany


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