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Turning out the shop lights with equipment upgrades

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Machining centres can run unattended

Fox emphasised that the increase in tool life plays an important role at Norjon. “We machine our parts in one hit and having to stop a job mid-cycle for a tool change is not a productive option. Additionally, this improved tool life is what underpins our ability to run a skeleton shift on nights. If tool consistency and life were an issue, we would struggle to operate a night shift without fully manning the machines. So, Taegutec has been a major contributor to our growth.

“The Taegutec tools have also improved confidence. Consistent performance ensures that our staff can run a set number of parts before a tool change is needed and this eradicates a need to constantly man a machine when producing batch runs. The performance, tool life and cost reductions have been major successes for our business, and we have now acquired a TaeguTec CTMS tool management system to ensure we have the full TaeguTec tooling package,” Fox said.