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Turning out the shop lights with equipment upgrades

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Correct materials choices add to tool life, cut cycle times

The TT9030 grade also produced benefits. Milling inconel keys for a marine customer, Norjon was previously using 2-3 sets of inserts per batch of 50 keys. The switch reportedly only required one set of TT9030 inserts per batch. The tool life gain reduced costs while eliminating downtime for insert changes. Added to this, the cycle time on the inconel job fell from one hour to 30 minutes per key. Such results led to the use of the 16 mm 5XD T-Drill on a number of turned parts, where tool life was extended by over 50% and surface finish was improved. Taegutec has recently introduced the new DrillRush series of head-exchangeable drills with the new TT9080 insert grade. Despite being a relatively new addition for Norjon, the DrillRush is said to be delivering reduced cycle times and improved tool life.

With regard to turning on its new Mazak Integrex, Norjon is keen to use the new Taegutec PC Chipbreaker tool holder with the new TT9225 Gold Rush grade. Norjon Managing Director Kevin Fox said, “We have been using the Taegutec MC Chipbreaker for some time with excellent results, but the new PC Chipbreaker improves swarf control, which in turn permits higher speeds and feeds. With many of our turned parts being relatively small in size and in small batch runs, the benefits are less visible. However, the new Mazak has a capacity to turn up to 1100 mm in length and 650 mm in diameter, and we foresee a lot of large parts being machined on the Mazak. It is the large stainless steel and Duplex parts with significant material removal that will benefit from the new PC Chipbreaker. It has improved cycle times by over 20% on small parts with tool life and surface finish being outstanding. I am confident that with larger parts we will reap the potential productivity benefits from the Taegutec range.”