Citizen Machinery Turn-mill centre a best-seller

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Machine Tools – Citizen’s Cincom L12-Vll CNC sliding head turn-mill centre is the company's best-selling model throughout Europe, Citizen announced.

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Citizen's L12-VII tops sales charts in Europe.
Citizen's L12-VII tops sales charts in Europe.
(Source: Muramatsu)

The Citizen Cincom L12 Type Vll is a high-speed production machine said to incorporate the ability to be changed-over within 30 minutes from guide bush function for long slender work up to 12 mm diameter by 135 mm in a single chucking, into a non-guide bush configuration. The machine is compact with a footprint of 1,760 mm x 820 mm including the company's new style wide access lift-up door to the cutting zone. The5-axis machine has a 3.7 kW main and 0.75 kW sub-spindle with the capability to carry up to 27 tools.