Arburg Triple certifications for recognition of trainee programme

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Germany – Family-owned global manufacturer of plastic processing machines Arburg has recently been presented three certifications – the ISO and LQW certifications as well as the IHK seal of quality.

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Proudly presenting the certificates are (l-r) Director Georg Anzer, Managing Partner Renate Keinath and Head of Training Michael Vieth.
Proudly presenting the certificates are (l-r) Director Georg Anzer, Managing Partner Renate Keinath and Head of Training Michael Vieth.
(Source: © Arburg)

All three are for the recognition of Arburg for providing a high and continuous standard of training for the company's trainee programme:

  • - LQW and ISO certifications
  • - 1 A Excellent Training Company award
  • - Information Days: 14-16 June 2018, Arburg, Lossburg

The LQW certificate was presented to the machine manufacturer in January after the successful completion of of the “Learner-oriented Quality Certification in Continuing Education and Training” followed by the company getting the approval of "DIN ISO 29990 - Quality Management Systems for Learning services for Non-formal Education and Training" inspection in February. Autrmn of 2017 saw the manufacturer achieve the "1A Excellent Training Company" award presented by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) - Northern Black Forest region.

Renate Keinath, in her role as managing partner, is responsible for human resources management in Arburg says: “The awards underscore the high value that training has always had for us.”

The certification to DIN ISO 29990:2010 standard pertains to the structuring of quality-related overall processes as well as their safeguarding and documentation. “After LQW, the ISO certification was the next logical step for us towards fully-qualified training activities," explains Michael Vieth, head of training.

“Arburg provides an above-average standard of training, where people can learn very effectively for later life," adds Director Human Resources Management Georg Anzer.

The “1 A Excellent Training Company” quality seal from the IHK also assesses personnel development and career planning, the qualification of employees in training and training support by a training company, which the company also qualified for in 2014.

This triple certification, the manufacturer says, is a signal to all the young seeking reliable and interesting training with good prospects from one of the region's biggest training providers. For more information and to explore the options for training and further eduucation as well as getting practical insights, Arburg in Lossburg has organised information days, which will take place from 14-16 June 2018.

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