AMB Toolholder reduces tool change times for turning, milling

Editor: Eric Culp

The direct-clamping system is said to increase productivity.

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The range of toolholders eliminates cumbersome and ineffective clamping.
The range of toolholders eliminates cumbersome and ineffective clamping.
(Source: WTO)

The QuickFlex quick change system for turning and milling applications combines an ER collet chuck and a quick change system in one toolholder to reduce tool change times and increase productivity, according to WTO. Systems come as a straight drill/milling unit and a right angle drill/milling unit, ideal for lathes with milling, WTO said.

Users can clamp cutting tools directly in the toolholder with a standard ER collet. This allows for the purchase of a basic system at a small investment and the later addition of quick-change adapters.

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Integral parts of the system are two independent taper connections. The short taper just behind the thread for the adapter provides radial centring and axial support of the adapter and protects the toolholder from chips and dirt. Moreover, the one-hand wrench (patent pending) can change ER collet nuts as well as QuickFlex adapters. This eliminates cumbersome and ineffective clamping, the company said.

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