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Tool shop finds size doesn't matter for EDM automation

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Cutting electrode wear, but not staff numbers

EDM group leader Oliver Prohl agreed. “I quickly realised that the automation concept would enable us to achieve our objectives without problem." He added that the system has reduced electrode wear by 20% to 30% as the monitoring and control system is more responsive.

At Coko Werk, automation doesn’t mean less staff. To achieve a higher throughput rate, the electrode construction, production and programming departments were restructured and jobs shifted to the preparatory virtual field. “OPS-Ingersoll did a really good job,” said Bierbach. “It is important that you retain your employees when making such big changes. We managed this. We are now using the system so efficiently thanks to the interest and commitment of our employees."

Quick implementation confirms the decision

“You feel that the choice you made is the right one when you go from 0 to 60 without any preliminary work, and realise six months later that the performance thresholds have been almost constantly pushed to the limit,” Bierbach concluded. “By late 2011, we also integrated a new measuring machine with chip recognition into the system.”