Vollmer Tool grinders and saw sharpeners

Editor: Barbara Schulz

UK – Vollmer will be giving its new VGrind 160 grinding machine its UK exhibition debut, alongside two machines for the processing of circular saw blades.

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The Powerstar 850 is a CNC-controlled machine for precision processing of saw blades.
The Powerstar 850 is a CNC-controlled machine for precision processing of saw blades.
(Source: Vollmer)

The UK launch of the new VGrind 160 marks the company's first entry into the grinding of solid carbide cutting tools. It utilises two vertical spindles to enable multi-level machining which, Vollmer says, is a first for machine tools of this type. This new approach enables tool manufacturers to produce large numbers of solid carbide milling cutters and drills, quickly and precisely. The machine uses five CNC-controlled axes, which is intended to provide machining of workpieces with high levels of precision and productivity. Tool manufacturers can use it to produce solid carbide drills and milling cutters with diameters between two and 20mm.

Another exhibit, for manufacturers processing carbide tipped circular saw blades, is the new CHC840 grinding machine which processes saw blades up to 840mm diameter. It uses four CNC controlled axes and can deliver accurate grinding of virtually all tooth geometries in a single cycle. A multi-function hand wheel selects and controls the axes through a single module. The CHC series has a capacity for saw blades from 80 to 840mm diameter with a minimum bore diameter of 10mm and a workpiece weight of up to 30kg.

Also on the stand will be the Loroch PowerStar 850 range of automatic saw sharpening machines. The new PowerStar 850 is a flexible CNC controlled machine that has been developed for the precision processing of saw blades from 400 to 850mm diameter with flexibility and ease of use at the heart of the machine.