Inovatools Tool for roughing and finishing in an expanded mill series

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Tool manufacturer Inovatools says its new VHM-HPC roughing/finishing milling cutter from the Fightmax Inox series has a special geometry and chip clearance.

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According to Inovatools, Fightmax delivers up to 41% longer service life in the wear test compared to a comparable tool in the market.
According to Inovatools, Fightmax delivers up to 41% longer service life in the wear test compared to a comparable tool in the market.
(Source: Innovatools)

The VHM-HPC roughing/finishing milling cutter has a defined cutting edge ability, which combined with its micro-geometry and high-performance coating enables the new milling cutter to optimally fulfill special cutting requirements, Inovatools notes.

Whether cutting diverse materials like Nirosta, chromium steel, VA steel, rust-free steel or nickel-chromium steel, the company says that specific characteristics depending on the chromium, nickel, titanium and molybdenum share content in the tool will make the difference in the tool's cutting ability.

The tool basically has to contend with its edge zone hardening and the material’s high level of toughness. Since their materials are poor thermal conductors, rapid chip clearance is particularly important. In addition, the tool should be designed so that the chips that tend to bond and stick to it are removed reliably. This is where Inox tools meet machining requirements, the company explains.

According to Inovatools, Fightmax Inox is manufactured using a balanced mixing ratio of special ultra-fine grain carbide. The four-edged HPC power package has an unevenly split and unevenly twisted geometry with highly polished chip space. This gives the tool the necessary performance, ensures quiet, vibration-free concentricity and guarantees quick and reliable chip removal, Inovatools claims.

This is supported by the smooth, high-performance coating, Duocon, which also gives Fightmax Inox the necessary stability in cutting. The VHM-HPC roughing/finishing milling cutter is available in short and long versions with diameters from 6 mm to 20 mm. The new milling cutter is particularly resilient thanks to its specific micro-geometry and its defined cutting-edge rounding, which allows for the Fightmax Inox to be have high edge stability when performing HPC milling. This makes it suitable for special cutting requirements and also ensures long service life, even at high feed rates and cutting speeds. It has also been optimised for the unique cutting conditions of rust-free materials. Finally, Fightmax is said to deliver up to 41% longer service life than comparable tools.

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