Roctool Tier 1 supplier implements rapid heating technology

Editor: Briggette Jaya

France - Roctool, French specialist in the design and development of technologies for rapid moulding of composites and plastic injection, has just signed a licence agreement for automotive applications with US-based ABC Group, a world leader in the design and production of plastic automotive systems and components for OEMs worldwide.

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Roctool induction heating calculation with Autodesk Moldflow.
Roctool induction heating calculation with Autodesk Moldflow.
(Source: Roctool)

According to the company, Roctool technologies offer high-speed heating capabilities and are applicable to injection and compression tooling. ABC Group is now working to identify innovative applications for the technology. “The induction heating technique developed by RocTool goes beyond the ability to quickly heat the mould; it is a way to achieve new manufacturing methods, develop cost effective material solutions and extend design possibilities for many applications,” said ABC Group's David Boucard, director of advanced product development.

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