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Editor: Barbara Schulz

Switzerland – Foboha is showcasing an integrated injection blow moulding concept with its patented cube technology, as well as the production of two-component preforms on a cube mould.

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Owing to the enormous reduction in cycle time, Foboha's cube system has first and foremost demonstrated its superiority in mass-produced parts.
Owing to the enormous reduction in cycle time, Foboha's cube system has first and foremost demonstrated its superiority in mass-produced parts.
(Source: Foboha)

The former can bee seen on the Engel booth in Hall 15, the latter one is demonstrated on the Milacron booth in the same Hall. Here, the production of preforms with Mu Cell technology on a 2 x 4-fold cube mould will be presented, the company says. The two-component preform consists in its core component of a foam that is injected via a Mu Cell facility by the Trexel company. After the blow-moulding process, the special foam creates a metallic effect without actually adding metallic pigments. This means, for example, that silver coloured bottles can be recycled normally because the material is nothing but PET. On the opposite side, the foam core is sheathed with compact PET, generating the outer shape and the thread of the Preform. Shot weight for four preforms is 124 g.

Moreover, during a pilot project, blow-moulded one-component small containers of polypropylene were produced for the first time using a cube mould. In an 8-cavity cube mould, which that can be upscaled many times over for high output production, the previously produced preforms are blown up in the opposite mould position parallel to injection moulding. In the fourth station, a six-axis robot removes the finished containers. The shot weight is 8 g per container.

The narrowest tolerances are achieved both in the thread area and container body. By substituting the material that until now was made of glass components with parts made of polypropylene, both production costs and packaging weight can be reduced considerably. This significantly reduces unit costs. Foboha been manufacturing injection blow moulds for decades. Now this technology is being implemented as cube moulds for high output figures for the first time and can be seen at the Engel booth.

Additionally, a 32-fold film hinge mould is exhibited at the Arburg booth in Hall 13. The advantages of cube technology become especially apparent with the production of mass products such as with seals for food and non-food sectors. The mould shown here demonstrates a specially implemented solution of the film hinge, Foboha says.

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