Rego-fix Threaded insert improves tool security, changeovers

Editor: Eric Culp

No special machining of the tool shaft is needed.

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A closer look a the threaded plate.
A closer look a the threaded plate.
(Source: Culp)

Swiss company Rego-Fix says that its new Securgrip device can help machine operators to significant savings by avoiding breakages and facilitating fast tool replacement.

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Rego-Fix said the tool or tool holder is the weakest link in machines running at the limits of performance, and failure can be very costly. Securgrip is a pullout lock, which secures a tool with a Weldon face into the collet chuck.

A threaded plate is inserted into the Weldon face, and is then screwed into the collet chuck with the internal thread. This anchors the tool tight in the collet chuck and form-locking prevents it from pulling out. No special machining of the tool shaft is required; a standard Weldon face under DIN 1835-B is sufficient, the company explained. The pullout lock is an option for the company’s Powrgrip system.

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