Fakuma 2014 Thermal insulating sheets keep the heat inside

Editor: Barbara Schulz

Hasco has developed the thermal insulating sheets Z1215/... for moulds that are subject to a high level of thermal stress, the company said.

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(Source: Hasco)

Designed for external insulation, the sheets prevent the heat from escaping from heated injection and compression moulds. According to the supplier, moulds can be fully insulated using this thermal insulating sheet, which is made of high-temperature plastic. The sheets are placed against one side of the mould, with their honeycomb structure forming insulating air chambers, ensuring considerable energy savings both during the heating phase and throughout the injection moulding process, Hasco explained. Thermal equilibrium is said to be rapidly achieved in the mould, permitting maximum process reliability and shorter cycle times. The sheets display good resistance to release and cleaning agents, the company added. The thermal insulating sheets are available in a large number of dimensions and can also be supplied in custom sizes.