Euromold Review Thermal forming at high speed on a small footprint

Editor: Barbara Schulz

Geiss showcased the reportedly fastest thermal forming system at Euromold 2014.

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The T-10 is claimed to be the fastest thermal forming system to date.
The T-10 is claimed to be the fastest thermal forming system to date.
(Bild: Königsreuther)

When it is not only a question of producing yoghurt pots, but also high-quality technical plastics, then the manufacturer Geiss is the partner of choice. With the T-10, the company has been exhibiting the fastest thermal forming system that has ever been built. The servo-motor-driven and fully redesigned machine surprises with a compactness which is currently unique, the company claims, and an extremely torsionally rigid frame design. For the same size of plastic sheet, this machine is therefore half a metre shorter than comparable systems.

Furthermore, machining times are reduced by more than 50% thanks to the efficient Siemens servo motors. The invention is based on the fact that all table drive elements disappear below the clamping plane. In addition, there is no increase in the installed height of the machine thanks to special Z-axis dimensions. The cost efficiency has also been further improved by reducing the provision of pneumatic energy, Geiss said.

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