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The start-up entrepreneurs who think bigger is better

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The larger MV234P VMC is said to offer high speed, high power machining through a highly rigid cast-iron frame with large x and y travels accommodated in a compact footprint.

Its table size of 2000 x 762 mm with a 2,000 kg table load capacity accommodates 2G’s largest press tools. Supplied with a BT face and taper contact spindle, 48-tool magazine and thro coolant, the only addition Chris Peters made to the standard machine specification was the addition of thro air.


“Mostly we machine in tool steels such as Uddeholm Holdax and SV21 with some machined parts specified in aluminium,” he explains. “We also do a fair amount of prototyping, offering customers a full CAD-to-machining service using VISI Series design and machining software. These days, pre-build tools have to produce parts to meet similar standards to the final production parts so we value the accuracy and repeatability that the VMCs offer us,” he adds.

Working in tandem with its “big brother”, the MV184E makes use of Quaser’s spindle technology and grease replenishment system while offering coolant and chip management alongside machine thermal management. Both machines are equipped with Heidenhain controls.

Filling a niche with capacities to over two metres

Chris Peters is confident his new business is starting to fill a niche in an industry that has largely moved overseas. “Being a small operation we can be highly flexible and work very closely with our customers – to the point that they are often here to watch and contribute to prototyping.

“The fact we have invested in a machining capacity to over two metres demonstrates we mean business and that customers know they have a reliable UK-based resource almost on their doorstep,” he concludes.