Formnext 2015 The right choice of basic materials

Editor: Barbara Schulz

Germany - The importance of choosing the right basic materials for a component will be demonstrated at Formnext 2015 in a special show called “From Basic Material to Component.”

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“From Basic Material to Component” is a special show at Formnext 2015.
“From Basic Material to Component” is a special show at Formnext 2015.
(Source: WZR ceramic solutions)

The use of basic materials for both conventional production (such as injection molding) and additive manufacturing processes will be demonstrated at Formnext, the international exhibition and conference on additive technologies and tool and form-making, from 17 – 20 November in Frankfurt, Germany.

Selecting and supplying suitable basic materials for additive manufacturing is currently a hot topic for further developing this relatively new technology toward serial production. With selected exhibits and eye-catching examples – from toothbrushes and eyeglass lenses to aircraft parts and brake discs – the special show highlights innovative solutions for the future.

By focusing on dental prostheses, for example, the show presents the various possible methods for manufacturing bone pins – from conventional ceramic to sintered titanium – including the impact of the materials on the resulting properties and manufacturing processes.