Fakuma 2017 Testing gear units for stack moulds allowed, premiere for machine

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Components – Leading manufacturer of high-quality standard parts, hot runner and control systems Meusburger will present at Fakuma diverse innovations in plastics processing.

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Promising innovations on display at Meusburger's booth at Fakuma.
Promising innovations on display at Meusburger's booth at Fakuma.
(Source: Meusburger)

Among the highlights at the booth are the company’s precision cutting and grinding machine, gear units for stack moulds and high-temperature hoses.

According to Meusburger, visitors can test the E 8630 gear unit for stack moulds in the installed form. These are ground and induction-hardened gear wheels and gear racks in module 3 and 4. E 2187 Isotemp, the new high temperature hose that is said to ensure more safety during the injection-moulding process thanks to its new silicone sheath, will make its debut at Fakuma. Premiering too at the show will be the GMT 6000 precision cutting and grinding machine that will be demonstrated live at the booth.

The latest addition to Meusburger’s standard parts range are standard bars in the lengths of 300 and 1,200 mm, which will be ready for dispatch by the time Fakuma opens its doors. The manufacturer says its bars and plates that are heat-treated for stress relief to reduce plate warping during machining is guaranteed.

Also on display will be the multifunctional H 1000 Clamping system that is said to revolutionise manufacturing processes in mould making. The system provides precise clamping of plates with a repeatable accuracy in the µ range. The H 4062 assembly table facilitates repair and assembly work on moulds. With multiple air nozzles, an air cushion is created on the underside of the supporting moveable plate. This enables light and easy movement of the tool halves. And both split-line faces are freely accessible without having to reposition or turning them around, enabling efficient operating.

Special visits offered during Fakuma: Due to the proximity of the fair venue to the Meusburger HQ in Vorarlberg, a daily company tour during the show is offered. Registration is required by end September at m.koch@meusburger.com.