Türk+Hillinger Temperature sensors for demanding applications react fast and precisely

Editor: Barbara Schulz

Türk+Hillinger, a leading supplier of electrical heating elements, has introduced the T+H temperature sensors TE.

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(Source: Türk+Hillinger)

Designed for the plastics processing industry, the sensors are said to react extremely fast, with a high-level of accuracy and flexibility. The sheathed thermocouples consist of a thermocouple embedded in the stainless steel sheath with high density magnesium oxide as an insulating material.

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According to the supplier, the temperature sensors feature an optimised connection technology. The sensors are typified by a much higher temperature stability than those currently available in the market place, Türk+Hillinger claims. This is made possible by the use of newly developed insulation materials, which increase the temperature stability by approximately 500 °C and also provide maximum moisture protection, the company said.

In addition, the connection sleeve has been miniaturised. Because of the smaller connection sleeve area and its durable design, the T+H thermocouples can provide hot runner companies with a desirable and unique thermocouple advantage, the supplier said. The strong, well-designed connection sleeve is said to ensure that any movement, external force or vibration no longer affects the inner contacting points. The measuring point of is either grounded, thus connected with the sheath, or alternatively insulated from the sheath. The T+H thermocouples are available from Ø 1.0 mm and will be manufactured to customers' specs.