Machineworks Team expands to enhance company products even further

Editor: Briggette Jaya

UK-based software and additive manufacturing company Machineworks has been expanding its team over the last few months, continuing to improve further its products, whilst investing in the future of the company as a whole.

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The new team will fill positions in development, support and quality assurance in the company.
The new team will fill positions in development, support and quality assurance in the company.
(Source: Machine Works)

Machinework's technical team has been growing over the last few months with four newly filled positions across the areas: development, support and quality assurance.

The company continues to expand the technical team with new talent to tackle a much wider range of problems, bringing in new skills to build further the core of the company's Machineworks software and Polygonica technologies.

Wael, a new developer, has a PHD in computational modelling from the University of Sheffield and has spent over 15 years developing and managing scientific and engineering applications. Another new member, Fraser, with a MPhys from Oxford University, has spent the last four years teaching physics. He will start a new career path joining the Machineworks Software Development team. Alex, a graduate in mechanical engineering from Newcastle University, is the new Quality Assurance Engineer, tasked with ensuring the quality of the products delivered by Machineworks. Tom is a new member of the company's support team. Tom had returned to his hometown Sheffield to study for an MSc in aerodynamics and aerostructures after achieving his degree in mathematics at Newcastle University.

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