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Editor: Barbara Schulz

Australia – When manufacturing cutting tools, it is important to produce a tool within a tolerance that is right first time.

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Anca's Laser Plus provides a robust measurement solution with quick measurement times which will not significantly add to the grinding cycle time.
Anca's Laser Plus provides a robust measurement solution with quick measurement times which will not significantly add to the grinding cycle time.
(Source: Anca)

In today’s marketplace it is essential to reduce waste to maintain a profitable production facility. Customers need to be confident their grinding machine can produce accurate tools.

In response to these problems, Anca has released the Laser Plus system – a product introduced to provide repeatable measurement and compensation of cutting tools. Laser Plus is the solution to reducing scrap and ensuring tools remain within specification. It is also extremely beneficial for maintaining tight tolerances and providing stability to the grinding process.

Laser Plus is an enhancement (not a replacement) for the touch probe on the MX and TX tool grinder ranges. The Laser Plus uses a non-contact laser beam to accurately measure and compensate features on a cutting tool. Because the laser is non-contact, the cutting edge cannot be damaged. In addition, the laser can measure features on micro tools that a touch probe cannot measure because the probe tip is too large.

The laser is permanently mounted inside the machine and will not interfere with the typical grinding processes. Using the laser, the operator is able to perform accurate in-process measuring without removing tools from the machine. In many cases Laser Plus will also reduce the need for using off-line external measurement equipment, which will save customers money.

The laser measurement process is fully automated and requires no operator intervention. If a customer has a machine fitted with a Laser Plus, they can confidently leave the machine to run unmanned for long periods using the laser to measure and compensate for grinding inaccuracies. The Laser Plus system can measure and maintain an accuracy of ± 0.002 mm (or less) over a large batch of tools. One of the reasons the Laser Plus system can achieve these levels of accuracy is because the laser measures the top and bottom of the tool. The maximum diameter the Laser Plus can accept for top and bottom measurement is 20 mm.

One of the most of important features that needs to be measured and controlled on a cutting tool is the outside diameter (OD). To manage this critical operation, Anca has interfaced the laser measurement with Statistical Process Control (SPC) software to monitor and control the OD.

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