Stratasys Swiss university invests in professional 3D printers for engineering students

Editor: Briggette Jaya

USA & Israel - Leading provider of 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions, Stratasys, has announced that the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich (ETH Zürich) has invested in multiple Stratasys Uprint SE Plus 3D Printers to enrich undergraduate engineering design training and aid research students.

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ETH Zurich has invested in Stratasys Uprint SE Plus 3D Printers to enrich its engineering curriculum.
ETH Zurich has invested in Stratasys Uprint SE Plus 3D Printers to enrich its engineering curriculum.
(Source: ETH Zurich)

This investment follows ETH’s objective to completely modernise its technical drawing and CAD course by installing the latest technologies available. According to Professor Dr. Kristina Shea, head of the Engineering Design and Computing Laboratory (EDAC) at ETH Zürich, this printer was selected specifically for its reliability and ability to produce higher-quality, functional parts in comparison to other similar options available on the market.

Open to successive manufacturing automation

“The course has between 450 to 500 students, so reliability was essential and a big part of our decision to invest in a professional 3D printer,” says Dr. Shea. “We had previously relied on CAD and modeling on a screen, but using high-quality, functional physical models ensures students are far more engaged.”

All work undertaken on ETH Zürich’s arsenal of 3D printers is achieved using ivory ABSplus FDM material, a mechanically strong and stable thermoplastic, which is ideal for functional prototyping.

The ability of the Uprint SE Plus 3D Printer to print layer thicknesses of 0.330mm and 0.254mm provides the needed precision for students requiring accurate parts, the company adds.

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