Tooling design Surface technology group develops components for award-winning vehicle

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The electric car was voted “Best of the Best”.

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The Renault Twizzy, winner of the 2012 Red Dot Award for design.
The Renault Twizzy, winner of the 2012 Red Dot Award for design.
(Source: Cactooos)

The Cactooos network, a group of four Italian surface design and manufacturing companies, has announced that it was included in the development team which created the Renault Twizy, a two-seated electric car for urban use that is part of the French automaker’s zero emissions programme.

The vehicle won the “Best of the Best product design 2012” prize in the Red Dot Design Award, the network said, noting that a panel of 30 international experts praised the car’s revolutionary design.


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Cactooos said it was asked to join the French automaker’s project in order to find new and futuristic solutions for the surface textures of internal parts like the steering wheel and the dashboard and outer parts such as the front and rear bumpers.

Network partner Jockoo, which specialises in conceptual texturing, mapping and rendering, worked with designers at Renault headquarters to set the main features of the texture. Once this had been completed, development began within the network. It also includes ML Engraving, which offers laser texturing on moulds for plastic and rubber goods; Nova Tex, which specialises in chemical etching; and DS4 Laser Technology, which designs, builds and sells laser systems for marking, cutting, engraving and welding.

The group set out to work on the topography and 3D mapping of the parts. After receiving approval for the final renderings, the moulds were then engraved with a laser etching technique. This method involved a a special double process where both laser technology and etching were involved, Cactooos said.