Heller Supplier to automotive, machine tool industries increases emphasis on tool & mould sector

Editor: Eric Culp

Heller Maschinenfabrik said its presence at the German regional show wfb was one example of its new focus on tool and mould makers.

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“We want to increase our market share in tool and mould making,” Heller Marketing Manager Marcus Kurringer told ETMM. He declined to discuss how many machines the company currently supplies to the sector, but noted that Heller has been a member of the German tool and mould making association VDWF for two years and will have a stand at EuroMold for the third year running.

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Kurringer admitted that his company’s machining centres may cost more than those from other suppliers, but said the initial price will be paid off over time. “We are trying to send a signal to tool and mould makers that productivity will become more important in the future. People have to look at the increased value-creation that our machines offer.”

Two years ago, Heller, which works closely with CAM software suppliers such as Open Mind, increased its commitment to tool and mould shops when it hired mould maker Rainer Dangel as head of technology for the sector. “We know what people want in the automotive and machine tool industries,” Kurringer said, noting that standard mould parts supplier Meusburger recently purchased a Heller machine to manufacture its products. “We are still learning about tool and mould making.”

At wfb, Dangel explained the operation of the company’s horizontal and 5-axis machining centres through a live via video feed to the Heller stand from the headquarters in Nürtingen, and he later expounded the advantages of Heller equipment. “We are still trying to show tool and mould houses that our machines are cheaper over the long run even if they are more expensive in the beginning.”

When he ran his own mould shop, Dangel owned seven machining centres, and he said one of them was always down. “I think I could have run two to three shifts with three machines from Heller instead of seven from another supplier.”

Heller Maschinenfabrik GmbH

Nürtingen, Germany


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