Printers Stratasys Expands Production Capacity for 3D Printers

Author / Editor: Doug Sellers / Jürgen Schreier

With a late-September ceremonial ribbon-cutting event at its newest building on the campus outside Minneapolis in the USA, the 3D-printer maker Stratasys expressed a vote of confidence in an uncertain economy. The US-based company says that the 90,000-ft2 (8,370-m2) facility doubles its capacity for machine production.

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“We’ve said we’re optimistic about the economy and our prospects,” says Stratasys CEO Scott Crump. “By opening this building, we’re putting our money where our mouth is. It’s evidence of our product’s market acceptance.”

The new building is one Stratasys purchased late in 2010 and finished outfitting this July. The company says that it cost approximately $6.5 million to improve and build out the facility and another $3 million for new production equipment. (The total of $9.5 million is nearly €7 million.) It occupied the building in July, and production is expected to begin later this year.

The new manufacturing space adds a production potential of 10,000 professional- and production-grade 3D printers per year.

“Although we don’t need the entire capacity immediately, we are planning for it now,” says Larry Doerr, Stratasys’ senior vice president of R&D and operations. “You don’t wait until your capabilities are overwhelmed and the demand is upon you. That’s how you miss opportunity.”

Besides allowing the expansion of production capacity for machines and consumables, the new facility will help streamline and consolidate warehousing and shipping operations. The extra space enabled Stratasys to reorganize operations among the four buildings in the its Eden Prairie, Minnesota, campus, and it has made possible expansion of machine assembly in the company’s existing manufacturing building.

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