Sandvik Coromant Steel milling grade offers greater security, delivers high metal removal rates

Editor: Barbara Schulz

Belgium – Machine shops faced with identifying ways of achieving secure machining with long and predictable insert life in steel milling operations can turn to GC1130, an insert made with Zertivo, a unique production technology from Sandvik Coromant.

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Combining GC1130 with Coromill 490 provides a light cutting action and smooth profile, the supplier says.
Combining GC1130 with Coromill 490 provides a light cutting action and smooth profile, the supplier says.
(Source: Sandvik Coromant)

According to the supplier, GC1130 helps to overcome challenging machining conditions with a clean and intact edge, delivering high metal removal rates and performance levels in both wet and dry machining operations. The grade is offered as the first choice for shoulder milling cutters, Coromill 390 and 490 as well as chamfer cutter Coromill 495.

Flaking, abrupt chipping and thermal cracks are common issues encountered when milling materials in steel applications, especially when faced with unfavourable tool paths and deep cavities or when using coolant. GC1130 has been specifically developed to help production engineers combat the subsequently unwanted effects of short insert tool life and unstable production. It is manufactured with Zertivo, a unique production technology that helps amplify the grade’s benefits, offering peace-of-mind through greater edge-line security and reduced flaking, Sandvik Coromant explains. Furthermore, a high-Cr content fine-grain substrate is said to deliver high resistance to thermal cracks, helping to ensure long and reliable tool life.

In applications where trouble-free chamfering in various steel types is required, pairing CG1130 with Coromill 495 reduces downtime, the supplier claims. Along with the chamfering of holes and edges, typical applications include back chamfers, welding preparation and deburring.

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