EMO 2019 / Start-up Start-up area including Gestalt Robotics

Editor: Steffen Donath

Apart from industry veterans, EMO is also a place for newcomers. In a the start-up area, visitors can take a look at the would-be industry players of tomorrow.

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From left to right: Dr. Eugen Funk, Thomas Staufenbiel, Dr. Jens Lambrecht.
From left to right: Dr. Eugen Funk, Thomas Staufenbiel, Dr. Jens Lambrecht.
(Source: Gestalt Robotics)

Start-ups are sought after. Many established companies are looking to make contact and co-operate with them and/or invest in them. Thomas Staufenbiel is one of the three founders of Gestalt Robotics GmbH in Berlin. At EMO Hannover, the company is presenting its automation and artificial intelligence software on the start-up stand of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

The software can used in industrial image processing and worker assistance as well as in autonomous transport and intelligent robot systems. A typical research project that Staufenbiel and his team are working on is a worker assistance system. It is designed to facilitate assembly work by using augmented reality to inform the assemblers of the next steps and the best way of getting to them. “The aim is to support the worker and improve the quality of the product,” says Staufenbiel. The final implementation of the assistance system has not yet been decided: 3D glasses or a display system. The system itself, however, is being developed as part of a research project in which such decisions are considered in detail beforehand. “Winning a contract to participate in a research project is not as easy as it sounds,” admits Staufenbiel. “But it's worth it if we get to become part of a consortium with established players and can prove our expertise.” The manufacturing industry is a key market for Gestalt Robotics. The company is participating in EMO to raise its profile. “We're keen to establish contact with research and development managers in larger manufacturing companies and to understand the strategies of potential users of our software,” says Staufenbiel.


Gestalt Robotics was founded in 2016 by a rocket engineer, a robotics expert and a vision expert. The original idea was to develop software for mechatronic systems. Robotics was then added, including cameras and image recognition systems. “Gestalt is all about visible form, outline or appearance. A lot of what we do is concerned with perception, and so the name seemed appropriate to us,” explains Staufenbiel. The company plans to double its turnover in the current year. “There is great demand from industry at present, so we're confident of achieving our goal and, naturally, we're hoping that this growth will continue,” says Staufenbiel.