Mapal Spiral-fluted PCD step drills reduce machining time

Editor: Thomas Masuch

Germany – Precision tooling supplier Mapal has launched a range of spiral-fluted PCD step drills.

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Mapal's spiral-fluted PCD step drills
Mapal's spiral-fluted PCD step drills
(Source: Mapal)

According to Mapal the drills allow machining time reductions of up to 75% to be achieved by combining multiple machining operations in a one-shot solution.

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Ideal for applications in automotive manufacturing, the drills are said to feature a unique chip transport system that offers particular benefits for drilling and boring processes in aluminium parts. To achieve the enhanced performance of the drills, Mapal engineers refined the flute geometry and pitch, as well as ensuring that the chip flutes are polished over the entire length of the drill so as to minimise the friction between chips. In addition, the PCD blades are embedded into the spiral of the solid drilling and boring step to optimise the drill’s cutting characteristics. These novel design features reduce the amount of heat transferred to the part compared with conventional straight-flute drills, the company claims.