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Solidscape pushes 3D printing boundaries

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Eliminating manual work

An example comes from LSR’s Design Studio, a team of industrial designers, app developers, mechanical engineers and prototype specialists that provide product development services for the wireless communications industry. LSR reports that using Solidscape devices to print at 5000 dpi resolution can reduce its time to market by allowing the prototype experts to go directly to silicon tooling or to cast internal parts without having to manually hand-finish components.

Jim Hollister, 3D Lab Manager at LSR, estimates that one recent project to create a mini-bracelet using Solidscape technology had enabled the Design Team to go from weeks of machining time and spending $4,000 to make a single set of metal parts to under two days and $200 for the same product.


“Basically, we started creating a silicon mould using our wax material, which could be used at room temperature rather than 105°C, which means no melting and shrinkage,” says Esposito.