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Software supplier lends a hand to toolmaker for artificial limb

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Quick reactions for success

Having their roots in mould and press tool making, Delta diversified into producing fully machined parts, honing their skills with critical components for a number of F1 sector and wave guide components for satellites. Childs said the combination of the 5-axis machines and the fully integrated Visi suite means the shop can react quickly to customers demands – even in the motorsport industry” “For this reason, it is imperative that the Visi support team are able to react equally as quickly and they have never let us down. ”

The Mikron runs almost constantly across two shifts from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. the following morning, manufacturing to a call-off order for RSLSteeper on a monthly basis, as well as machining components in additional production runs for motorsport customers.


Childs said the shop has built a solid reputation by producing complex parts with a very quick turnaround time. “Visi has already helped us make our mark as a company in the 3-axis marketplace, and now the combination of the new 5-axis Mikron machine tool and Visi 5-axis Machining is making us even more efficient and very competitive.”

The bebionic3 was unveiled worldwide in the United States in September. RSLSteeper’s design innovation along with Visi and Delta Tooling’s expertise should help to ensure the product’s future in order to maintain RSLSteeper’s vision of improving amputees’ lives.