Delcam Software supplier joins backers of car seeking earthbound speed mark

Editor: Eric Culp

The company will support the project with manufacturing and programs.

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The vehicle will attempt to set a new land speed record.
The vehicle will attempt to set a new land speed record.
(Source: Delcam)

Delcam has announced that it will become an SME sponsor for the Bloodhound SSC, a supersonic car designed to set a new world land speed record of 1000mph.

Delcam said it will support the project with its manufacturing software and expertise, and the supplier will also produce some components for the vehicle, which is scheduled to begin its attempts in South Africa in 2016. The company said its sponsorship will be launched formally at the Autosport International exhibition from 9-13 January at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, England. Delcam noted that its staff will be on the Bloodhound SSC stand at the event.

Several Delcam customers and technical partners are said to be involved in using the company’s CAD/CAM software to manufacture parts for the jet- and rocket-powered racing car.

“Bloodhound SSC represents an extreme sporting challenge that is already creating a huge stir in the world’s media,” Delcam said. “The project will push engineering and science beyond the boundaries of known technology and so will have technical innovation at its heart.”

The project has garnered a high media profile in the UK, and Prime Minister David Cameron featured a sleek prototype of the vehicle during the unveiling of a British government initiative to create 100,000 engineering technicians by 2018.

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