Vero Software proves sweet for electrode production

Editor: Eric Culp

A manufacturer of high performance electronic connectors relies on a suite of CAD/CAM solutions to produce multi-impression moulds containing hundreds of tiny, difficult to manufacture features, according to supplier Vero Software.

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The extremely small details in the graphite required the right software to make them.
The extremely small details in the graphite required the right software to make them.
(Source: Vero Software)

UK shop Harwin Plc, Portsmouth, works with several Visi software modules on their Gecko brand of micro miniature shock-proof connectors, which withstand extreme temperatures and are used extensively across a variety of industries including motorsport, energy, avionics, satellites and defence.

Complete product price puts demands on components

Ben Green, the shop’s technical communications manager, said such expensive electronic equipment has to work perfectly. “Whether it be on an aeroplane, on racing cars or in the driver’s helmet, in a down-hole drilling system, or a satellite application, they all require reliable connectors to ensure they are never going to fail.”

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Many of the connectors are made from PPS and Valox thermoplastic polyester resin and produced with 420 Stavax steel moulds designed and manufactured with a Visi suite that includes Mould, Progress, Machining, Electrode and Peps-Wire modules. Harwin Tool Designer Kev Hunt said some of the components for their mould tools have a 0.2mm wall thickness, which they manufacture with graphite electrodes. “There’s no way we can get into such small areas with a conventional cutter, so we need to use electrodes and wire EDM technology. [...] It’s consistent and controlled, giving high quality finishes with no imperfections in the mould that would be transferred to the moulded products.”