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Software helps components maker fill experience gap

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It truly is the Information Age

“Monitoring processes from accurate data collected from machines is vital to business decisions,” Vesely explained. “Thanks to SFDC, it was possible to compare productivity during the implementation of Vericut and to analyse efficiency gains. Continual production on machine tools without errors in NC code to stop the machines has improved our efficiency significantly, and the return on investment was achieved within 18 months. Beyond that, Vericut has increased our capacity so we can grow. Without it, we would spend too much time repairing errors and not be able to move the company forward.”

Today, over 20 high-precision machine tools and 92 staff are committed to achieving a positional accuracy at 7 micron within a 1m mould base length, but the drive is to now achieve 5µm and the whole company is focused on achieving this. Raw material for mould bases are very expensive, and customers require high precision and ever larger mould bases on shorter lead times, typically four to six weeks, and the raw material delivery can take more than two weeks.

Stanislav Vesely explained the elements for high accuracy: “You need good machine tools with a planned maintenance schedule, environmental control so that all machining is carried out in known conditions, high quality solid carbide cutting tools must be used and, finally, qualified staff.”

Money can’t buy everything

All of these elements can be purchased except the staff, which has to be trained. All of Tirad’s maintenance is done in-house to ensure accuracy. Everybody on the shop floor has been trained to measure all facets of the company’s products because experience counts when checking the finished size.

Vesely summed up the entire experience: “Vericut is one tile in the whole mosaic, but without it the production picture would be incomplete.”