Horst Witte Software for fixture design now has added features

Editor: Eric Culp

Upgrade includes additional components for download.

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The basic version can also be used for free.
The basic version can also be used for free.
(Source: Horst Witte)

A new version of Alufix Expert software can plan and design fixtures and create a full fixture design without any further processing in a classic CAD system.

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It features a dimensioning tool for the creation of drawings and a generator for solids with which contact contour blocks can be cut with original component data.

Alufix components are currently available from Cadenas at www.cadenas.de. Customers can obtain libraries free of charge in CATIA V5 formats, UGNX and step-on DVD.

The basic version can also be used for free. A link on the company website offers all items (approx. 5,000 parts) in a wide range of native and standard formats for downloading.

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