Machine Works Software for 3D printing

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

UK/United States – Further enabling 3D printing to be more accurate and reliable, Machine Works recently announced a new partnership with Stratasys.

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The solid modelling software toolkit, Polygonica.
The solid modelling software toolkit, Polygonica.
(Source: MachineWorks)

Core of the agreement: The company’s premier Polygonica software will now work seamlessly inside Stratasys Grab-CAD Print.

Dr Fenqiang Lin, Machine Works managing director, explained, "Grab-CAD and Polygonica share the same philosophy of enabling a single ‘click-to-print’ methodology for 3D models, in the same way we do with 2D printing. The user doesn’t want to know about what software is used to prepare the file, they just want their CAD model printed with the minimum of fuss."

Polygonica’s functions ensure that models are closed, watertight, free of self-intersections, badly oriented triangles and non-manifold edges. The algorithms can be applied either fully or semi-automatically for minimal workflow disruption, the company says.

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