Buchem Chemie + Technik Smooth, safe processes with innovative cleaning solution

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Germany-based Buchem says its WSC Cleaning System removes rust, magnesium and limescale deposits in water circuits of heating elements and moulds to allow for smooth and safe processes.

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Buchem's WSC Cleaning System, comprising three elements, removes rust, magnesium and limescale deposits.
Buchem's WSC Cleaning System, comprising three elements, removes rust, magnesium and limescale deposits.
(Source: Buchem_Daniel Schmitt/Spitzlicht)

Comprising three elements; WSC-Phase 1, WSC-Phase 2 and the WSC-Unit, the efficient and cost-effective system was developed by Buchem and Japanese manufacturer of mould temperature control devices, Matsui.

The portable WSC-Unit, which is made of only non-corrosive materials, contains a pressure and heat-resistant filter housing with integrated fine filter and neodymium magnet that binds coarse rust particles that extend the filter life. Cleaning is done in two steps with the cleaning agents that are filled in the filter cup. The pump of the temperature control unit admixes the cleaning concentrates (WSC-Phase 1 and WSC-Phase 2) to the circulating water, thereby activating the decalcification and rust-removal process. The cleaning effect can be increased by heating the cycle up to a maximum of 80 °C, Buchem notes.

In the first cleaning step with WSC-Phase 1, limescale, magnesium and rust are removed, while passivating the metal surfaces. The second step with WSC-Phase 2 neutralises the pH value, rinses dirt and grease residue, and protects the pipes from corrosion until they are dry.

Even the thinnest calcification in mould and heating elements are a thermal isolator that considerably slows down heating and cooling cycles, which lowers production rates. Rust forms very rough deposits that may branch towards the middle of the pipes, which decreases the flow speed, while micro-turbulences additionally promote dirt and limescale to deposit.

The system, without tubes, measures 460 x 320 x 280 mm and weighs 7.2 kg. The filter measures 10 inches with a pore size of 10 µm. It has a capacity of 1.2 litres. Its tubes have an internal thread of 20.8 mm (0.5 inches). With a sealing cone, the internal tube has a diameter of 9.5 mm. The tubes are available in 1 x 600 mm or 1 x 1200 mm variants.