Mikron Tool Small-dimension drills and milling tools for optimal efficiency

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Drilling/Milling – At Mach, Mikron Tool will present drilling and milling tools in small dimensions that efficiently machine stainless and heat-resistant materials.

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The Crazy-Drill Cool SST-Inox reaches the full depth of 20 x d in only one feed stroke.
The Crazy-Drill Cool SST-Inox reaches the full depth of 20 x d in only one feed stroke.
(Source: Mikron Tool)

According to Switzerland-based cutting tool manufacturer Mikron Tool, its small drill Crazy-Drill Cool SST-Inox is especially suitable to drill without pecking. In one feed stroke, it can attain the depth of 20 x d, thanks to its integrated helicoidally, drop-shaped coolant ducts, which deliver a massive and constant coolant flow during drilling. These ducts provide up to quadruple coolant flow, the company adds. This efficient cooling method prevents the overheating of cutting edges right from the start. Combined with the correct geometry, this cooling method facilitates an easier breaking of chips, which in turn, helps flush them out of the flutes. All these factors allow for machining with higher cutting parameters (cutting speed and feed). Moreover, a new geometry with a chip-breaking effect in the front section of the flutes as well as an open-flute profile in the back provide for good evacuation of the micro-chips. The coating is also new and specially adapted to machine stainless materials.


New to the Crazy-Mill Cool range of milling cutters is the Crazy-Mill Cool Ball Z4 milling cutters, which come with a four-blade VHM finishing mill in diameters from 1-8 mm for depths of up to 5 x d. Like in the two-blade version, the Ball Z4 cutters have coolant ducts that are integrated in the shaft to provide a massive flow of coolant. This prevents the overheating of the cutting edges and facilitates the easy flushing of chips from the machining area. As such, a surface finish close to grinding quality is achieved, Mikron notes. For medical technology (implants), milling head lengths of up to 4.5 x d are available. And, with progressive flutes (from 30º to 40º), vibration-free milling that improves the surface quality further, is guaranteed, Mikron claims. Furthermore, this geometry allows for the use of tool on the whole cutting length from the radius to the cylindrical part.

At Mach, Mikron Tool is in Hall 7, Booth 110.

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