WFB 2017 Small, but special

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

Germany – Sometimes less is more. In the case of WFB, a German tool and mould making trade fair, exhibitors were very satisfied with their success even after only half a day.

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WFB is this year held in Siegen, Germany.
WFB is this year held in Siegen, Germany.
(Source: Stahl)

A smaller trade fair means that customers don't have a tight schedule, have more time and therefore more opportunities for good conversations. With only about 60 exhibitors in only one hall, WFB is not the biggest trade fair Germany has to offer. Nevertheless, it can surely compete with huge trade fairs.

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The first thing one realises after entering the Siegerlandhalle in Siegen is that the atmosphere is different. People coming here seem to be more relaxed, they have time for conversations and to get to know new companies.

One exhibitor, comparing the trade fair to bigger fairs like K, said that he likes to have time to talk to customers. And that it makes a huge difference when visitors aren't rushing from one appointment to the other. The exhibitors are very glad about high-quality and intensive conversations.

Even the exchange between exhibitors seems to be more colloquial. It was only 3 hours into the fair when one exhibitor, excited about his success so far, shouted to another one across the hall way: "It sure can go on like this!"

Even though there were only 60 exhibitors, the complete range of products and services for tool and mould making was on show. From cutting tools and standard parts, hot runners and EDM, to measurement equipment and CAD/CAM solutions, every important topic was covered.

The only disadvantage of this year's WFB is the decrease in the number of exhibitors. According to the organisers, the main reason is the Moulding Expo 2017. Some companies decide to only exhibit at one of the trade fairs and often choose Moulding Expo because of the size. The last edition, which was held in Augsburg in 2016, had seen twice as many exhibitors.