Erowa Single-base plates added to line for fast conversions, better interface

Editor: Eric Culp

Switzerland – Accordign to Erowa, a flexible and accurate zero-point workholding system is the main factor to reduce unproductive setup times on the machine tool.

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Fast and flexible changeover with Erowa's MTS single-base plates.
Fast and flexible changeover with Erowa's MTS single-base plates.
(Source: Erowa)

But not only workpieces must be positioned quickly, the company explained. Also the zero-point workholding system itself – due to rapidly changing jobs – should be able to be changed flexibly and in a minimum of time.

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The company said its MTS single-base plates are an addition to the MTS multi-base plates for palletizing workpiece holders, vises and fixtures.

MTS single-base plates can reportedly be mounted quickly and easily. They have 2 x ø12H7 alignment holes with 150mm spacing. The mounting hole pattern fits hole grid tables with 50mm spacing. Another mounting hole pattern matches T-slot tables with 63mm and 100mm spacing. Since no clamps are required for installation, the base plates can be quickly and flexibly rearranged and secured on most common machine tables, the supplier said.

For single palletizing, the MTS Single-Base Plate is used to provide accurate positioning in the X- and Y-axes. For multiple palletizing, the company recommends its MTS Multi-Base Plate.

MTS base plates are operated by compressed air. The self-locking spring clip produces a clamping force up to 12,000 N per base plate.

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