GF Machining Solutions Simplify demanding applications

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

Today, EDM machines need to have many different talents. For example, they have to offer a broad application area and be time and cost-efficient. GF Machining Solutions wants to offer exactly such an all-rounder.

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With the help of r-Connect, the Cut P can communicate with the manufacturer at any time.
With the help of r-Connect, the Cut P can communicate with the manufacturer at any time.
(Source: GF Machining Solutions)

The fourth industrial revolution—also known as Industry 4.0—represents an era of innovation shaping the way manufacturers work. The Agie-Charmilles Cut P wire EDM series by GF Machining Solutions delivers intelligence to advance their speed, flexibility and quality whilst helping them get to the heart of even the most critical applications, the company says. According to GF Machining Solutions, the Cut P wire EDM series provides access to twice the number of dedicated solutions afforded by a standard EDM machine. Cut P users can realise a range of possibilities across various quality-centric industries, including electronic components, automotive and medtech.

From producing a surgical tool weighing only a few grams to machining a six-ton die-casting mould for automotive, the Cut P series is designed to help manufacturers. The solution’s Intelligent Speed Generator (IPG) enables precision parts as well as mould and die manufacturers to increase their cutting performance by 20 percent, GF Machining Solutions says. This includes obtaining the thermostabilisation and machining repeatability to achieve accuracy down to 2 µm and finer surface finishes down to Ra 0.08 µm. According to GF Machining Solutions, advanced taper accuracy below 10 seconds with straightness, sharp contours and no lines becomes easily achievable with the Cut P series’ Expert systems. Furthermore, the solution’s collision protection system prevents costly machine maintenance and ensures long-term accuracy and reliability. The Cut P series is also equipped for smart manufacturing and connected solutions.