Measurement Simplified scanning turns focus on essential work steps

Editor: Briggette Jaya

The latest incarnation offers automatic positioning of a project's individual scans in half the time.

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An improved app interface permits straightforward app management.
An improved app interface permits straightforward app management.
(Source: Faro)

Version 5.1 of Faro's scan processing software Scene provides an overview of laser scan projects while simplifying work steps essential for complex scan projects, and this version now comes with an integrated “Clipping Box”, the company said.

According to Faro, this tool is integrated into the software and steers the focus purposefully to those parts of the scan material that are relevant for the actual planning. Scene 5.1 offers users a point cloud view, comprised of countless scan points or a realistic photo view, the supplier noted.

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It went on to say that the Clipping Box can be used with just a few clicks to select the sections of the data material that are relevant. The data is then cut out and highlighted, and irrelevant material is then blended out. This is said to make work easier, creating order while reducing the quantity of data for export to CAD software, since users can choose to transfer selected data only as and when they are required.

With the help of the Clipping Box, the supplier noted that the user also has the possibility of saving orthophotos in the 'tiff' format. According to Faro, this enables the user to work in the available CAD software even if it cannot read scans, i.e. point clouds. The orthophotos then serve as a basis for drawings. These scaled images can be exported for further processing in virtually any 2D or 3D CAD system, the supplier explained.

Additionally, version 5.1 offers faster automatic positioning of a project's individual scans, cutting time in half compared to previous versions, Faro noted. The software is assisted by improved plane recognition and newly integrated automatic determination of the principle scan direction. This is said to be useful particularly in positioning individual scans without previously defined and set registration marks, thus minimising sources of error.

Furthermore, the company noted that an improved app interface permits straightforward app management and allows the software developer to program new apps easily for additional special purposes.