K 2019 / Getecha Shredding technology goes Industry 4.0

Editor: Steffen Donath

When comminution mills are integrated into automated plastics processing, their information integration also moves into the focus of planners and automators.

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Getecha has equipped its complex shredding plants with integrated feeding devices, grippers and exhaust air systems.
Getecha has equipped its complex shredding plants with integrated feeding devices, grippers and exhaust air systems.
(Source: Getecha)

Getecha is therefore increasingly equipping the larger central mills of its Roto Schneider series with intelligent Industry 4.0-functions.

Many automotive suppliers do it, numerous packaging manufacturers do it, and some component manufacturers do it as well: In many places, the process integration of shredding technology in injection moulding, extrusion, blow moulding and thermoforming lines is progressing rapidly. The granulator manufacturer Getecha therefore started early to equip its funnel and feed mills of the Roto Schneider series with intelligent information and communication functions according to Industry 4.0 criteria. “Especially when we integrate our large central or auxiliary mills into the automated processes of plastics processing via conveyor belts, tilting devices, filling stations and other peripheral systems, the Industry 4.0 features become increasingly important. They not only serve the purpose of continuous system optimisation, but also support quality assurance, enable improved monitoring and increase the availability of the entire production line,” says Burkhard Vogel, Managing Director of Getecha.

Since Getecha draws on many registers of modern sensor and interface technology and also uses a number of established fieldbus systems, all important process and machine data can be tapped, documented, processed and visualised. The signal exchange between mill and production line can be used, for example, to record and assign all statuses, actions and error events. Based on this, critical situations with defined warning levels can be reported to the higher-level production control system at an early stage, which then triggers the appropriate countermeasures and corrective actions.

Getecha will be present at K 2019 in Hall 09, Booth A21.

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